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To be the premier partner for those wishing to sell, purchase and manage their energy efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe buildings.

At GRES, helping people find existing properties that incorporate energy efficiency and healthy environments or properties that are suitable for this type of redevelopment is our focus. We will however also market and manage properties that may not have a "Green" component.

As a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker we can help you acquire, sell or manage your commercial or investment properties. We can help you evaluate the benefits and deficiencies of a real estate investment from a building science or a fiscal perspective.

As a Class 1RESNET Certified Energy Rater we can perform building analysis that shows the performance of a building and possibly reveal hidden problems that are not only wasting energy dollars but causing damage to the structures and indoor air quality.

As a Florida Green Building Coalition certifying agent, we can certify your new development or renovation and we can also create awareness of Federal, State and Local programs that may be available to help you with costs and materials.

We serve the West Central area of Florida and our office is located in Tampa.

If you are considering Selling, Purchasing, Developing or Renovating properties that can benefit from our services, we hope that you will give us a call.